Wellness And Medical Services In Pennsylvania
Suburban Wellness can help you lose weight... the right way.
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Wellness & Medical Services


Helping You Look and Feel Your Best

Health and wellness are at the core foundation of a happy life. While there are many obstacles that can prevent one from achieving this, there are efforts to be made that can make it happen. At Suburban Wellness, we aim to provide exceptional services so that our patients can look and feel their best at the same time. Through our practices, we hope to leave each patient complete and well taken care of.

Wellness and Medical Services Offered By Suburban Wellness

  • Botox and Fillers
  • Acupuncture
  • Myofascial Pain Release/Massage
  • Yoga / Stretch Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Health Coaching / Nutrition
  • Hypnosis for Weight Loss / Smoking Cessation
  • Vitamin Shots
    • B12
  • Medical Marijuana Certifications
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Genetic Testing

Botox and Fillers

Part of our medical aesthetics treatment options, botox and fillers are simple procedures to help preserve the youth in your facial features and overall structure. Learn more about these procedures on our Medical Aesthetics page.


Acupuncture is the specialized and precise practice of inserting needles into various areas and pressure points of the human body to help release toxins in areas of discomfort or pain. Our licensed practitioners administer acupuncture for various reasons, so stop by to see how it can benefit your life!

Myofascial Pain Release/Massage

Myofascial pain syndrome can be a burdening and destructive disorder that affects the quality of everyday life. You may have been fighting pain for years with minimal to no relief, or you might have just started experiencing symptoms from repeat injury and trauma. Seeking assistance from massage therapy can help you tackle these conditions head-on. Our staff provides pain release and massage sessions tailored to these symptoms, so visit our Myofascial Pain Specialist page to learn more about the treatments!

Yoga / Stretch Therapy

Suburban Wellness offers yoga and other stretch therapy classes for our clients who are suffering from mobility issues. We go through the basics, workshops, restorative methods, private classes, and more.

Health Coaching / Nutrition

Cultivating a healthier lifestyle is an important step in promoting longevity and functionality. The health coaches of Suburban Wellness help clients set goals and stick to them, which provides the foundation to remain healthy for years to come. Much like personal training, the approach to each client is personalized with the aim of helping you find your balance to a healthy lifestyle.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss / Smoking Cessation

Though this treatment initially sounds like it could be in the therapeutic side of services, the results of hypnosis affect the physical aspects of our human bodies. Whether your goals lie within weight loss or quitting smoking, hypnosis paired with an open mind can help you tap into these subconscious changes to stick with you in the long haul.

Vitamin Shots

Vitamins, especially B12, are essential for the maintenance of your body’s internal processes. Our professional staff can administer these shots with precision, and help explain what each does for your overall health. Energize your potential to improve your overall health and wellness with a variety of options to choose from.

Medical Marijuana Certifications

Medical marijuana can assist patients in pain management and relief. Consult with our licensed professionals to see if medical marijuana may be a viable option for your needs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Quitting substances is often no easy feat. Quitting cold turkey is almost impossible to manage. With medication-assisted treatment from Suburban Wellness, you can quit in your own time and fashion. Learn more on our Medication Supported Recovery page.

Genetic Testing

Learn what your body and mind need by analyzing what you’re made out of. Genetic testing from Suburban Wellness can help point you in the right direction of which medications, health, and lifestyle choices are right for you.

Achieving Holistic Wellness With Suburban Wellness

Defining your own wellness allows you to be responsible for the way you feel. Suburban Wellness is here to help empower you to do good for yourself through rejuvenating and restorative services. We hope to help guide our patients through their continued healing journey.
If you would like to explore your various routes to wellness, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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