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‘Tis The season

‘Tis The season

This time of year it can be really hard to be “good” when it comes to making healthy choices. There is so much temptation from buttery sugar cookies to crispy fried potato pancakes to endless glasses of wine and spirits. It’s all so hard to resist -right?

So, you know what-Don’t!!!!

Eat! Enjoy! Tis the season….

Food is symbolic of love, family, and tradition. Food is meant to be enjoyed.

Is it really worth it if you’re going to feel guilty and beat yourself up for eating it?

So many influencers and websites tell us how to avoid this and deny ourselves around the holidays, turning situations that should be joyful into stressful internal battles of self-control. Recently I saw some posts on social media recommending things like “weigh yourself every day!” or “wear your tightest clothes so you will be uncomfortable and won’t eat much!”

Seriously?! That is the advice being offered now? These are all ideas that will make people feel extremely guilty, unhappy in their bodies, and like food is the enemy.

So – to counteract that advice, here are a few of tips for enjoying what the holiday season has to offer without stressing yourself out, feeling guilty, or waking up feeling awful.

1) Place nothing off limits.

When a food is off limits it becomes MUCH more appealing. And if guilt is involved and you DO end up eating that food, the “screw it, I’ve already had a bite and ruined everything so I’m going to eat everything” mentality appears.

Give yourself permission to get pleasure from food. It’s okay! Food is supposed to be enjoyable not stressful.

2) Don’t go to a party or arrive at a holiday dinner absolutely starving.

I know a lot of people try to “save up” all day before a big holiday meal/party to try to cancel out the calories that they’ll be consuming that evening.

This is a terrible idea!

It’s impossible to make sound eating decisions when you’re absolutely ravenous – and potentially even worse, you don’t enjoy the food/drink you’re indulging in because you’re too hungry to eat slowly and pay attention. Going to a party or dinner starved is a sure-fire way to end up uncomfortably full.

3) Assess which indulgences are really worth it and stay checked in while you eat.

This does not at all mean that guilt should come into the equation or that we should be assessing options based on calories/fat/carbs etc. Are you thinking of eating/drinking whatever it is because you will really enjoy it or just because it’s there?

4) Stop when you are satisfied, not overfull.

Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Do you want more? Are you just having more because it’s there? Is your stomach starting to get full? Are you thirsty for water vs. another cocktail?

Enjoy the holiday eating season. It’s a time of year when food tastes especially good, because you’re enjoying it with friends and family. It’s important to maintain those happy food memories and keep traditions alive.

-Rebecca Lerman Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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