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Myofascial Pain Specialist


Therapeutic Massage Services

Fighting Stiffness And Topical Pain Responses

Myofascial pain syndrome can become an annoying and destructive disorder that affects the musculoskeletal system. Sensitive areas known as trigger points can cause striking pain that can pulsate and incapacitate individuals in various areas of the body. The myofascial pain specialists of Suburban Wellness provide services to decrease the overall pain levels present with this syndrome, while increasing your ability to live a normal and stress-free life.

Benefits of Myofascial Pain Treatment

  • Reduced Tenderness
  • Decreased Persistence of Repeated Injury
  • Reduced Need for Prescription and Over the Counter Pain Medication
  • Enhanced State of Self-Care
  • Increased Mood and General Wellness

Stress and injury have been a natural process of life for as long as we have been around. Injuries do occur, but the thought in recent times has been to make sure those injuries are acute and don’t persist into the chronic state. Some individuals are more prone to accidents and injuries than others, and repeated injury to the same location increases the likelihood of chronic pain to a given area.

One chronic condition that arises from repeat injury and muscle overuse is Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

What is Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

Myofascial pain syndrome is classified as a disorder in which pressure on sensitive areas of the muscles causes pain in various parts of the body. It is a tricky disorder to navigate because the pain can occur in areas of the body that are seemingly unrelated to where the actual source of concern is located.

Myofascial pain syndrome typically happens due to repeat injury and lack of proper therapy in between injuries, or when a particular muscle is overused repeatedly. This leads to pressure points in the musculoskeletal system that become agitated and fire off tenderness and pain from the pressure point/knot in the area. While the pain can be felt near that area in question, it is not uncommon for the pain to shoot to other areas, or be completely felt in an unrelated area.

While feeling pain in an area that should be fine is a scary thought, there are ways to mitigate and fight against the pain.

Treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome can be a burdensome revelation, but there are ways to help cope with and reverse the pain sightings. These include outlets such as physical therapy, pain-relief medication, local needling/injections, relaxation techniques, and general self-care techniques.

One relaxation and self-care technique is to partake in myofascial massage therapy. This type of therapy involves not only massaging the areas of tenderness and pain, but also the discovery of areas that are causing the pain if they are uncorrelated. This type of treatment will allow you to connect your mind and body, to feel and visualize the issues you have been facing, and how to let go of them to provide clarity and focus to your life. While it might not be the fastest road to recovery, it can help when combined with other forms of treatment to ensure that myofascial pain syndrome is not a burdening or cumbersome illness that affects the way you lead your daily life.

Achieving Real Relief With Suburban Wellness

Whether you have been fighting myofascial pain syndrome for years with minimal to no treatment thus far, or you have just begun experiencing symptoms related to repeat injury and trauma, seeking help through massage therapy can help allow you to tackle the condition head-on. For expertise, advice, and execution of these types of services meant for mitigating myofascial pain, be sure to contact the team at Suburban Wellness. We hope to guide you to a path of pain-free living, and we wish to work with you soon.


Massage/Myofascial Packages


Standard Rates (current)


1 sixty minute session/$125


1 ninety minute session/$150


MM4 Package


4  sixty minute session/$115/each


4 ninety minute session/$135/each


MM8 Package


8  sixty minute session/$105/each


8 ninety minute session/$120/each
MM12 Package
12  sixty minute session/$100/each
12 ninety minute session/$110/each

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