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Medication Supported Recovery


Continuing Addiction Treatment

Enabling People To Live Healthy, Clean Lives

Drug abuse and addiction can become destructive forces for the user, their family, and all others involved in the cycle. Without proper guidance and an attitude to make a change, it seems like a hopeless battle. Medication Supported Recovery with Suburban Wellness provides an outlet to enable the user to make healthy choices on their own accord, while still monitoring the behavior that got them into this situation in the first place.

Benefits of Medication Supported Recovery

  • Reduced Cravings
  • Mitigation of Destructive Drug Use
  • Enhanced State of Self-Care
  • Increased Likelihood of a Productive Life
  • Increased Mood and General Wellness

Drugs have been a part of human culture for many years. Drugs often give the user a new perspective on something, or they open up doors to untapped insight in a “trial and error” manner. However, the problem with drug use is that many of them cast a dark shadow around the user, turning them into something they were never meant to be.

While some drugs seem harmless or fall under a “non-addictive” category, most do not. Drug use and abuse can begin from people dealing with immense emotional stress, a recovery method for some form of injury, or just out of pure curiosity and experimentation.

Whatever the reason for the drug use to begin, the abuse aspect of drugs is what tends to get most people in trouble. The constant cravings for the next fix, the moodiness of the user if these demands are not met, and the downward spiral of personal and general care impact the user and those around them. Although it seems like a hopeless battle when viewing from the outside, the ones who want help or are looking for it may have an outlet to recovery.

What Is Medication Supported Recovery?

Medication supported recovery is a tactic that falls in alignment with medication-assisted treatment. With medication-assisted treatment, the drug abuser that is seeking help receives medication that is supposed to help offset the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that come with halting the drug use that they’re suffering from. While it is not recommended for all patients (especially those with addiction issues outside of the substance in question), it can be a gamechanger for those that are trying to turn their life around.

The difference between medication-assisted treatment and medication supported recovery is the duration of these two types of programs. Treatment is a term generally used in the short-term scope of things, while recovery focuses on the long haul. For individuals who are trying to turn their life into a positive direction, they will need the medication-assisted treatment to deal with the consequences of stopping the destructive drug use and behaviors. On the contrary, those who might have gone through the medication-assisted treatment, but are still unsure how to maintain the newfound lifestyle without relapsing into poor judgment, medication supported recovery might be the answer.

With medication supported recovery, the job is to help identify mental aspects that led the user to drugs in the first place, as well as factors that just wouldn’t let them get away from it. The psychological analysis will help supply the team with ways to ensure this person maintains the same level of strength to change that they had the day they signed up to alter their destructive life choices. That, coupled with continued encouragement well past the ending of initial cravings and withdrawals, will allow the recovering addict to see why they are doing this and how they envision themselves growing into a better person overall. This type of recurring support is what will help them stay on the path towards prosperity while avoiding the pitfalls that come with their former lifestyle.

Achieving Real Relief With Suburban Wellness

Whether you or a loved one has been fighting drug addiction for years and have experienced a fair share of failures or relapses, or it is the first time you’re trying to gain counseling and assistance, seeking help through medication supported recovery can help allow you or them to tackle the beast head-on. For expertise, advice, and execution of these types of services meant for living a drug-free and prosperous life, be sure to contact the team at Suburban Wellness. We hope to guide individuals to a path of pain and addiction-free living, and we wish to work with you soon.

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