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Medical Aesthetics


Beauty In The Form Of Treatment

Helping You Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Whether you are in a highly-viewed role, looking to impress your friends and family, or just want to be more confident in your overall appearance, looks have become everything. While you can’t completely transform your genetics or how you develop over time, there are ways to help enhance your looks and bring your confidence back. Medical Aesthetics from Suburban Wellness provides services to increase the way you and others view yourself, so consider choosing us to help beautify your physical appearance.

Types of Medical Aesthetics

  • Botox Treatment
  • Filler Injections

In today’s society, especially with the quick upbringing of the internet and social media, everything is about image and how you present yourself. Some of America’s most beloved idols and celebrities look exceptional almost 100% of the time. While you may be thinking that it is because they have the money and resources to do so, you actually aren’t too far off.

The truth is that most of these celebrities do in fact use treatments to enhance their overall appearance. These medical treatments include items such as BOTOX, fillers/injections, and platelet-rich plasma injections. These types of procedures are commonly used among the high-class civilians, but with increasing popularity and usage they are becoming more accessible to any and all who want to partake in the treatments.

Here at Suburban Wellness, we offer various medical aesthetic procedures that will have you looking and feeling up to peak performance. We offer the same BOTOX, filler, and PRP procedures that are popular among the elite, and ours is provided at a palatable rate.


Botox is a form of medical aesthetic in which small injections are placed in the areas of wrinkles on an individual’s face, and these areas are then tightened to reduce the presence of wrinkles and bring youth back to the overall appearance. The main areas of focus for Botox injections are in the forehead, around the eyes, along the neck, and on the cheek. Botox has been a common treatment for various purposes, including the use of preventing chronic migraines. While there are tons of medical uses for Botox, our main focus is the cosmetic properties. We want you to look and feel your best, and we believe that Botox can help.

Filler Injections

Filler Injections are used in areas of the face that need to stick out more predominately or just need some added volume and fullness. Fillers are typically used in areas such as the lips and cheekbones. Fillers are a great way to add the plumpness back into a tired and worn face or to enhance particular features of the face that may have naturally been smaller.

Achieve Your Desired Look With Suburban Wellness

Whether you have been fighting the onset of aging signs for years, or you are just now noticing your appearance is slightly altering, choosing medical aesthetic treatment may be a way to instill the beauty and joy in your life. For expertise and advice on any individual or combination of these various treatment options, be sure to contact the team at Suburban Wellness. We hope to guide you to a path of confidence, and we wish to work with you soon.

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