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Body Positivity on Social Media

Body Positivity on Social Media

It’s so easy to get sucked in to comparing yourself to others. Simply scrolling through Instagram for a few minutes can trigger thoughts like “I wish I was that pretty” or “I want to have a body like her” and “I’m going to start dieting so I can be thinner.” This is totally normal! Much of your feed may be filled with images of unrealistic, glamorized lives of influencers and friends, which can take a toll on your mental health. The constant stream of updates and stories can make you feel like you’re in a never-ending state of self-deprecation and unworthiness.

But social media isn’t always bad—it’s also an incredibly useful tool to connect with people who share similar experiences as well as a way to open your eyes to someone else’s perspective. It can be a way to find real-life friends, express yourself, and find a source of infinite inspiration. The key is applying a different kind of filter—one that enables you to sort through the stuff that makes you feel good and the stuff that simply doesn’t.

These women will help you to feel good in your own skin, develop a sense of body confidence and inspire you to throw on that bikini and just live your best life!

Liz Moody

She is the contributing food editor for mindbodygreen, and her work has been featured in goop, GlamourVogue, Women’s Health, and many more. She believes that wellness and healthy food can and should be a tool to enhance your life—not limit it.

She is so authentic and genuine you just can’t help falling in love with her and her all her content. Her balanced approach to healthy cooking will leave you salivating over her amazing recipes!

The Birds Papaya

By using social media as her journal, she loves helping others see and understand their worth, love their bodies, feel less alone in the world, and be ok with life’s little shakeups. Sarah Nicole Landry wants you to know that stretch marks are perfectly normal. She lost 100lbs and went through massive life change. After struggling to find love for her body after losing all that weight, she worked through a lot of inner dialogues to discover the meaning behind self-love – and well, she thinks it’s worth sharing about.  This beautiful badass will inspire you to celebrate, embrace and honor your body.

Remix to Nutrition

Marlee is a Clinical Nutrition student who shares her struggles with food and her body to help you overcome yours. Her goal is to show us that it is possible to feel good in your own skin without having to sacrifice the things you love and cherish about everyday life. Every day she takes you on her raw, sometimes emotional sometimes amusing, journey of recovery from disorded eating. She’s adorable, relatable and will undoubtedly put a smile on your face!

Fortunately, body-positive influencers all over the world are here to help. So much so that, if you search #bodypositive on Instagram, you’ll be met with over 13 million posts dedicated to spreading love and support for real bodies.

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